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IT-Consulting® was founded as an independent private company soon becoming a leading technology  specialist in providing business process automation and enterprise application integration. We are commited to delivering technologies, products and services that customers and partners can build on and grow with.


Our strong commitment towards quality has secured us a privileged position in the fast-evolving market of business solutions. This attracted many partners and customers mainly from Switzerland, Germany and Austria - most of them being the best-run ECM/ECI software companies and well-known financial institutions operating world-wide.


All customers and partners benefit from our user-friendly multilevel support system providing fast and qualified services you can really count on. Through constant innovation, we quickly push these standards ahead to meet the latest criteria required by most enterprises today.


Our development team comprises of experienced professionals mastering the most trusted standard technologies being used in the software industry. The team is able to quickly design and prototype, thus minimizing labor costs and saving time. We rely on proven tools and approaches to guarantee the ultimate openness of the final product. Our vision involves constant innovation and focusing on top of the line technologies based on Java/J2EE, XML powered web services and document-driven application programming.

Our grounding in technology and business allows us to put an excellent link between IT and bottom line business practices.


Our mission: to improve the efficiency of business processes.




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